Prepaid Card Management Solution for Corporate Banking

Posted on Oct 11, 2023

Prepaid Card Management Solution for Corporate Banking

Engagement Overview

We built a corporate prepaid card management solution aimed for corporate clients of a regional bank.

Business Challenge

In order to ease usage of prepaid business cards for its corporate clients, the bank wanted to develop a cost- effective solution for the companies to give them complete visibility over corporate expenses. With no in- house development team with expertise in building such a system for the Bank as well as time constraint, they chose us as an offshore partner to deliver this project.

Solution Delivered 

Having a strong offshore development team, we deliver custom solutions after thoroughly understanding and analyzing the use case scenarios of the clients’ requirements. We delivered a product with multiple user interfaces via both web and mobile. All services were supported by a single set of RESTful web services – the system delivers high availability, zero downtime during maintenance and releases, and PCI DSS compliance. The tool was aimed for businesses who wanted their employees to pay for corporate expenses in an easy way and at the same time have a detailed view and total control over costs on prepaid cards.

The solution features included:

- issuing prepaid cards
- tracking and reporting on transactions
- managing expense limits
- monitoring/approval by the accounting departments
- fully PCI compliant storage of all credit card information
- manage the transactions, the balances, accept/decline authorizations
- payments and virtual-cards


Architecture & Technologies


- Client-server architecture

- Multiple clients:

    -frontend (browser SPA written in Angular), iOS mobile app, Android mobile app

    - The backend is the server (provides REST services written in Java7 using vert.x framework)
    - The backoffice is completely isolated – separate frontend, separate backend, on a special VPN.
    - SaaS Solution – multiple organizations in the same application cluster


    - Frontend: Angular, Grunt, Bootstrap

    - Backend: Java 7, vert.x platform, Google Guice, Apache Jackrabbit JCR, Pentaho reporting engine, myBatis, PostgreSQL 9, jUnit, Mockito, Liquibase, JAX-WS, Camunda BPMN, Apple APNS, Google GCM, Maven, git

    - Developer tools: Jira, Jenkins, Github, Apiary

    - Devops: Ansible

    - Certifications: PCI DSS