Migration of a E-wallet Application from Data Center to AWS

Posted on Oct 11, 2023

Migration of a E-wallet Application from Data Center to AWS

Engagement Overview

Adex, an AWS Consulting Partner and ISO/IEC Certified IT Resourcing & Cloud Consulting Company, assisted a Japanese payment-based wallet application in moving from a data center to AWS.

About the Customer

The client is a wallet based application that accepts payments and facilitates transactions for various services. It’s a comprehensive solution made to help customers with wallet- based operations that must comply with national directives and requirements issued by local authority standards. 

Business Challenge

Being hosted in an on-premise data center the application was limited to the capacity of the physical servers there. It could not scale and handle high traffic spikes during peak business hours and would often lead to crashes and slow response. They wanted the platform to be highly reliable, scalable, and secure to ensure the processing of high-volume transactions at scale and securely.

Solution Delivered

After a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, challenges and systems we proposed a solution of migrating their application entirely to AWS. We deployed their new environment in AWS in a short time while achieving the highest level of availability and security. The migration to AWS  was thoroughly planned and the architecture deployment was designed according to the AWS best practices. The AWS architecture now allows the platform to scale quickly with increased demand, and innovate and implement new technologies rapidly.

Architecture and Tech Stack

The requirement was to have a highly reliable, scalable, and secure system to ensure the processing of high-volume transactions at scale and securely. We designed an architecture ensuring higher availability of application and database computing resources spanning across multiple AZs.

For change management, the DevOps tool ( CodeBuild ) was used to manage deployments, AMIs were built using packer, and infrastructure automation was done using Terraform. For Disaster recovery, backup and restore were kept in place to match the RTO of 20 mins and the RPO of 30 mins.  CloudWatch to manage Logs, metrics, and alert notifications. Handling payments and security was the most crucial. We implemented WAF ( to detect & protect web traffic ), security groups, and firewalls on the network, and a third-party firewall manager to protect EC2 Hosts.


Migrating the data center to AWS solved all the major issues of the wallet app. The application gained improved ability to support end-users, workload performance, workload flexibility, reduced IT complexity, and increased availability.

The following results were achieved:

- Increased elasticity in response to unpredictable workloads

- Simplified security and compliance management process with better reliability and networking speeds

- 30% Reduction in the total cost of ownership

- Automated processes for provisioning and management of cloud workloads

- 99.99% Uptime

- 33% Reduced time to market

- Improved developer efficiency because of CI/CD