Cloud-Native Re-Architecting of a SMS Platform

Posted on Oct 11, 2023

Cloud-Native Re-Architecting of a SMS Platform

Engagement Overview​

Adex, an ISO/IEC Certified IT Resourcing & Cloud Consulting Company and an AWS Consulting Partner helped Janaki Tech re-architect the architecture and systems of Sparrow SMS – Nepal’s largest SMS service provider to cloud native and bring their AWS costs down.

About the Customer

Sparrow SMS owned by Janaki Tech is a leading SMS Service and VAS provider platform in Nepal. They provide SMS and bulk messaging services covering all the major mobile operators (Ncell, NTC, SmartTel) in Nepal with an easy-to-use messaging platform along with reliable connectivity.

Business Challenge

Sparrows’ application server and all worker services were running inside a single host.  The instance had been migrated to a larger one due to a spike in CPU usage. The spike in the load to the server was causing API Throttling and performance issues, affecting the end user clients of the application resulting in revenue losses.  Additionally, optimization of the increasing AWS cost was also required.

Why did Sparrow use AWS?

Sparrow SMS was using AWS as it met the requirements and provided the best solutions for the functionalities they needed on their platform and to build their application the cloud-native way.

Why did Sparrow Work with Adex?

Adex has a capable team of certified professionals with expertise in AWS cost optimization and experience with architecting similar solutions on AWS. After the assessment of Sparrow’s requirements and challenges, our team proposed a solution for their architecture and systems along with the reduced cost estimates and a support plan. Sparrow chose to engage with Adex as we provide AWS services and support locally in Nepal with a high level of competency.

Solution Delivered

As per the requirement for the challenges of Sparrow, we proposed a solution of re-architecting their architecture to cloud native. We divided the single server to multiple EC2s to improve scalability and performance.

  • Re-architected Sparrow SMS to cloud native Architecture
  • Separating Worker Nodes & Management Nodes. The application was divided into two segments, core application components running on a single node whereas all the workers were grouped and deployed to another Node
  • Automation enablement to aid change management with continuous monitoring and management of systems
  • Effective scaling to match the traffic volume for reduced throttling


Re-architecting the existing architecture of Sparrow SMS to cloud native resulted in better performance and reduced costs overall for Janaki Tech.

The following results were achieved:

  • Improved performance scalability with Autoscaling
  • 30% Reduction in server costs
  • Automated processes for provisioning and management of cloud workloads
  • 22% API Performance Improvement

About Adex

We are an ISO/IEC Certified IT Resourcing & Cloud Consulting Company based out of The UK, Australia, & Nepal. We are a Select Tier AWS Consulting Partner and have a highly skilled and competent team of AWS Certified professionals with expertise across DevOps, FinOps, MLOps & Data Engineering.