What is a Well-Architected Framework Review?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is an in-depth assessment of your AWS environment against the pillars of the framework. This provides a consistent approach to improve your infrastructure in line with your business needs. With an ever increasing lens on security and cloud, it helps cloud solution architects build and operate secure, efficient, available, and cost-effective infrastructure on the AWS cloud. Adex is an official AWS Well-Architected Partner, helping businesses assess and ensure their cloud architecture is adapting to the quickly changing landscape of digital transformation with proven AWS best practices.

Achieve better ROI from your cloud infrastructure

Ensure that your AWS infrastructure is always highly available and running smoothly with an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review. The review is based on a special AWS methodology and 6 pillars providing a consistent way to evaluate architectures and implement designs that can scale over time.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

System operation, monitoring, and improvement for delivering business value.



Balancing security & business value through risk management & mitigation.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Efficient resource utilization without compromising performance.



Resilient system design for fault tolerance, scalability, and disaster recovery.

Performance Efficiency

Performance Efficiency

Minimizing cloud's environmental impact through efficient resource utilization.



Minimizing cloud's environmental impact through efficient resource utilization.

AWS Well- Architected Framework Review Process

1. Schedule Review to Identify AWS Workloads

  • Book your Free Review with our expert team of Well Architected certified engineers and cloud consultants. Our team will assess your production workloads against established best practices, derived from thousands of AWS deployments, providing us an understanding of your workloads.

2. Risk Identification

  • We deliver a Well-Architected Framework Review Report with our findings that outlines any potential risks, along with their level of severity and recommended improvement plan that should be addressed ASAP.

3. Remediation Plan

  • As an AWS Partner, when you partner with us, we’ll work along with your team to recommend a plan and make sure the selected high-risks are remediated.

4. Satisfaction Survey and AWS Credits

  • Once the review is completed , you will need to submit a CSAT survey sent by AWS. To qualify for AWS credits from the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program team, minimum 45% HRIs identified need to be remediated.

Optimize your AWS environments

Benefits of a Well-Architected Review

Identify security and compliance vulnerabilities and mitigate risks before issues arise
Align your technical capabilities with business needs to deliver value across the organization
Gain a competitive advantage by modernizing your AWS cloud architecture with the Well-Architected Framework

You can even earn up to $5000* in AWS Credit by completing a Well-Architected Review with Adex.

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Prajesh Bastola, Director of Operations | Rigo Technologies

Driving AWS Cost Efficiency

Our Adex partnership led to a notable 20% AWS cost reduction. Exceptional support and valuable usage tools set them apart from other providers.

Niran Maharjan, IT Lead | Upaya

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We've realized substantial cost efficiencies in our AWS usage through Adex. The pricing model is transparent and straightforward—no hidden fees, just what you see is what you pay. Adex stands out in AWS Service Delivery due to its flexible support, cost benefits, and a highly competent team.

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I highly recommend Adex as reliable AWS consulting partner. Their expertise optimized our cloud, boosting API and cutting AWS costs by 30%

Ratna Bikram Adhikari, Head of Engineering | Evolve

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We saved 25-30% on Cloud costs with Adex's support. They aided our data lake challenges, optimizing S3 data and aligning with our business goals

Rudra Pandey, Founder and Executive Chairman | Deerhold

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With the pay-as-you-go model, we achieved a 50% reduction in cloud costs at Deerhold Ltd., mitigating high AWS expenses from data-heavy operations. This enhanced cloud performance and reliability.

Gaurav Pandey, Founder, CEO | Ekbana

Optimizing Our Cloud Workflow

Adex's proficiency in troubleshooting and forward-thinking advice in cloud management has significantly lowered our expenses on AWS. Their support has been crucial in optimizing our workflow, leading to noticeable cost reductions. Adex is our preferred partner for reliable and effective solutions. Strongly endorse their services!


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