Scope Of IT Outsourcing Services

At Adex, we understand the requirements of our clients well – as it varies from one another and from time to time – hence we offer a range of staff augmentation services that can be tailored to your needs. From an on-demand sole developer to a full scale end-to-end development team, you can build your teams & your MVPs with us.

Custom Software Development

Web & Mobile App Development

On-Demand Talent Sourcing

Dedicated Development Team

Project Management

Low Cost, High Scale Development

How It Works

Build Faster & Flawless Products With Adex

We follow a proven multi- step assembling process to provide the best development team that meets your requirements , and guide you through the augmentation process

Discovery Phase or Project Assessment

  • In-depth analysis of project requirements
  • Defining the scope of the project

Resource Alignment

  • Mapping developers
  • Team selection suitable for the project


  • Environment ,tools ,infrastructure setup
  • Process & methodology definition
  • Communication processes establishment
  • Work Culture adoption

Delivery Management

  • Sprints planning
  • Team Size adjustment (scale up/ down)
  • Knowledge accumulation & sharing
  • Quality parameters
  • Performance Measurement , Feedback and enhancement support

Technologies We Use

Automate & Measure Your Delivery Process

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Get Most Of The Robust Delivery Models

Depending on the requirements, resources, and timescales of your projects, you may pick from our extensive options, which include short-term development and support as well as long-term development and support.

Dedicated Team

Depending on the requirement, and time scale of your project, you can extend your in-house team, build specific expertise, or speed up development through our models. We've got you covered.


Ideal for small to medium-sized projects as requirements, specifications, and schedules are established early on. The time & cost estimates are closely followed during the development process.

On- Demand

Each completed work is compensated separately and is ideal for medium- and large-scale projects that need adaptability, agile execution, and continual development without a predetermined work scope.

Client Stories

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Prajesh Bastola, Director of Operations | Rigo Technologies

Driving AWS Cost Efficiency

Our Adex partnership led to a notable 20% AWS cost reduction. Exceptional support and valuable usage tools set them apart from other providers.

Niran Maharjan, IT Lead | Upaya

Top-Notch Support

We've realized substantial cost efficiencies in our AWS usage through Adex. The pricing model is transparent and straightforward—no hidden fees, just what you see is what you pay. Adex stands out in AWS Service Delivery due to its flexible support, cost benefits, and a highly competent team.

Dhruba Adhikari, CTO | Janki Tech

Optimizing AWS Efficiency

I highly recommend Adex as reliable AWS consulting partner. Their expertise optimized our cloud, boosting API and cutting AWS costs by 30%

Ratna Bikram Adhikari, Head of Engineering | Evolve

Maximizing Savings and Efficiency

We saved 25-30% on Cloud costs with Adex's support. They aided our data lake challenges, optimizing S3 data and aligning with our business goals

Rudra Pandey, Founder and Executive Chairman | Deerhold

Cut Cloud Bills with Adex

With the pay-as-you-go model, we achieved a 50% reduction in cloud costs at Deerhold Ltd., mitigating high AWS expenses from data-heavy operations. This enhanced cloud performance and reliability.

Gaurav Pandey, Founder, CEO | Ekbana

Optimizing Our Cloud Workflow

Adex's proficiency in troubleshooting and forward-thinking advice in cloud management has significantly lowered our expenses on AWS. Their support has been crucial in optimizing our workflow, leading to noticeable cost reductions. Adex is our preferred partner for reliable and effective solutions. Strongly endorse their services!