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Cloud Optimization of a leading HR and Account Company

Engagement Overview​

Adex, an ISO/IEC Certified Cloud Consulting Company and an AWS Consulting Partner helped Rigo Technologies automate and optimize its AWS architecture and systems.

About the Customer

Rigo Technologies is a leading Human Resource and Accounting Software Development company in Nepal. They have been providing ways to streamline and standardize business processes and provide analytics to make informed decisions.


Business Challenge

Hosting workloads on AWS initially, helped Rigo manage their hosting needs, all from a  single platform and without much hassle. With their business growth, their teams faced challenges in managing their AWS systems and streamlining operations to improve their core products. To pinpoint, Rigo Technologies faced the following challenges:

  • AWS Resource Management issues due to which they were facing rising cloud costs
  • Automating repetitive tasks on AWS
  • Utilization of Micro Services on their systems
  • Getting technical support on their AWS Issues & Challenges

Why Adex & AWS?

Rigo used AWS because of its plethora of services that fully cater to its infrastructure needs while solving the concerns of scalability and reliability. Moving to AWS helped Rigo by reducing complexities and fulfilling its growing needs on per need basis without increasing costs.

Rigo turned to Adex for its AWS needs as Adex is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner specializing in DevOps enablement and AWS Cost Optimization. Adex offered the right optimization offerings along with Technical support after understanding their environment and business goals that helped Rigo with their concerns.

Solution Delivered

As per the requirement for the challenges of Rigo Technologies, we proposed a solution of re-architecting their existing architecture to an effective system. With the EC2 service and Key Management Service, Rigo started efficient utilization of resources, leading to cost reduction and also enhanced its ability to focus on core services, driving business growth.

Rigo leveraged the following services and tools offered by AWS for improved efficiency and performance:

  • EC2
  • Could Watch
  • Data Transfer
  • Lightsail
  • Route 53
  • Simple Email Service
  • Simple Notification Service
  • Simple Queue Service
  • Simple Storage Service
  • Simple DB

Business Benefits

Rigo, with Adex’s resource usage and monitoring tools, implemented an effective resource management system. Through this collaboration, Rigo was able to create tailored solutions for its specific needs. 

The following benefits were achieved: 

  • 30% Reduction in Cloud Costs
  • Optimum Resource Management and monitoring with AWS CloudWatch
  • Increased flexibility and agility to implement new AWS services
  • 99% Uptime Achieved
  • Improved security posture of the AWS environment 

Adex also provided training and workshops to understand newly introduced AWS services and further helped in the implementation part as well.

"We have reduced our AWS costs by 20% with Adex. In contrast to other service providers, Adex provides us excellent support along with access to its usage and monitoring tools that allows us to ensure the optimum utilization of our resources and reduce costs."
Prajesh Bastola
Director of Operations

About Adex

Adex is a cloud consulting & DevOps services company along with being an Advanced Tier AWS Consulting Partner. We have a highly skilled and competent team of AWS Certified professionals with expertise across DevOps, FinOps, MLOps & Data Engineering. We specialize in AWS Cost Optimization and are committed to making AWS work for businesses with our customer-first approach.

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