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Professional Cloud | AWS Certified Cloud Service Provider

Our Cloud Modernization experts specialize in working beside cloud application owners to ensure that their data and applications are always operating at full speed.


Let us take the responsibility to run your business smoothly.

Cloud technology has become the catalyst for dramatic improvements in IT and business processes across organizations, helping them to operate faster and more efficiently with greater security. By utilizing the power and flexibility of cloud technology, Adex ensures businesses can continue to focus on their core operations while improving responsiveness, compliance and stability. We ensure a secure environment that puts your privacy first by keeping your information within your organization’s boundaries while requiring no additional investment or knowledge from outside parties.

Our cloud buildout professionals work with you to structure your IT business processes and optimize them for maximum performance on all your existing infrastructure without any additional cost, time, or effort for application management. We help you address the ever evolving customer expectations and the need for flexibility in business by modernizing your applications on the cloud.

Professional Cloud Modernization landscape

We help clients move data between public or private clouds via a hybrid cloud deployment or migrate applications as microservices across multiple environments.

  • DevOps

    DevOps describes a mindset, approach, and skill set that improve collaboration between software developers and information technology (IT) operations professionals. The goal of DevOps is to enable organizations to develop, deliver, and operate applications and services faster and more efficiently, while producing the same or higher quality, at a lower cost. By doing this, organizations can meet business goals faster, while continuing to provide employees with relevant and useful IT services.

  • Cloud Migration

    Cloud migration is the process of migrating data and applications from on-premise data centers to the cloud. It involves planning, cost consideration, security review, data storage and more. Cloud migration is an evolving strategy for business, which helps in reducing the total cost of ownership. We help you with strategy, roadmap, and ecosystem collaborations. Our holistic approach ensures your business is ready for the migration so that you can get started in the right direction right away - our robust cloud migration framework will make it a smooth transition.

  • Modernizing databases

    Data modernization refers to moving unstructured information and data from legacy databases to other, more modern apparatuses. It is particularly crucial for any business that manages a high volume of information that would otherwise be lost or inaccessible in its current form if stored on older servers. This could include photographs, audio clips recorded via social media platforms and elsewhere, comments written about your brand or products left by your customers, medical records kept by the healthcare industry, and so forth. We help you update your database with our cloud-based infrastructure that is powered by state of the art database management systems and supported by an onsite administrator.

  • Application Modernization

    Application modernization is the process by which older software programming languages and frameworks are updated to ensure that they remain relevant for today's computing approaches. It involves taking a modern approach to building older software programs in terms of newer coding languages, computer systems, and infrastructure platforms such as cloud technology.

  • Application development

    Cloud app development implies building applications that work in an environment where the Cloud is leveraged. Adex will bring your application to life quickly and efficiently by employing all Cloud characteristics and capabilities.

  • Rationalization of the Application

    Application Rationalization is the process of strategically identifying applications across your business to determine which ones should be kept, replaced, or retired. We provide exceptional application rationalization services to our clients.

  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    We offer a choice of different services: Data backup and Data storage to cover your business continuity needs. Our Cloud BACKUP service offers a simple, effective and reliable method of backing up your servers to a remote data center. Our Disaster Recovery service adds a mix of infrastructure, along with our expertise and support services we can assist you in getting things running as fast and as reliably as possible!

Why Choose Us?

Our clients are top-notch and vary from solopreneurs to growing small businesses who require affordable and reliable cloud support. As your business grows, so does our range of services, and we can help you in any way you need whether it be by providing IT support or setting up an infrastructure for your business.

  • Certified Cloud Architects

  • We’re a full service Cloud Computing company

  • AWS Partner

  • Flexible and Responsive team

  • Bespoke Cloud solutions

  • Security & Privacy

  • 100% Transparency

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Modular Engagement


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Is the Cloud a Secure Ecosystem?

Cloud is secure. The cloud is a paradigm shift in IT, where everything is done on the internet. It is a very secure ecosystem. Encryption and signed code make everything secure. Also, all data centers are designed from the ground up to be secure. If the servers are physically in the same place, the security is much more efficiently kept.

How do I prepare my business for the cloud?

If you are looking to move your business to the cloud, the most important thing you need to look at is if your website or software is compatible with the cloud. Cloud computing is not a specific technology but the new way of storing your data on the server in the network. Cloud computing is not the same as web hosting,  even though most people use the same infrastructure for both.  These are two different things. Cloud computing is building a business, web hosting is an essential part of that, but not the whole thing.