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An automated, data-driven approach to clear application insights and modernization


Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Collaborate on files in real time, set up meetings in a few clicks, and get deadlines and calendar notifications. Google Workspace centralizes every tool you need to be productive.

Get your team to work smarter, faster from anywhere, using the premium video conferencing built on Google’s robust infrastructure. 


Lowered cloud expenses

Our industry-leading algorithms rapidly identify ways to reduce your total license count and their associated heavy costs

Accelerated Time to Insights

We quickly perform deep application discovery and dependency mapping, providing a relevant and accurate view of your cloud

Continuous Modernization

Continuous assessment and delivering modernization recommendations for your applications

Automated Business Cases

We analyze all potential modernization options simultaneously, providing business case justification for modernization

Our Approach

Automated Discovery and Dependency Mapping

We discover and profile workloads, identify and prioritize high impact targets to optimize your cloud estate, design a modernization solution and build a business case.

Actionable Modernization Plan

Using Agile methodologies, we prioritize your modernization activities in line with business objectives, develop a proposal for implementation and assemble a DevOps squad and delivery backlog.


In line with your business drivers, we re-platform your applications, taking advantage of best in class technologies, such as containerizing applications and services and modernizing databases to serverless architectures.

Benefits of Cloud Modernization


43% Increase in organization revenue


39% Reduction in IT spend


13% Reduction in time to resolve security incident

Don’t just migrate! Modernize your Business on the Cloud


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