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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s most popular platforms for cloud computing.

We aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing needs.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Optimize and Reduce Cloud Spending by 10%

We offer you an established fast-track to cloud savings – guaranteed. We start with an assessment to quantify your savings potential – and then help you realize it over the short term and ongoing

Our AWS Services

We help businesses leverage & get the best out of AWS with our wide range of services and AWS expertise.


Balancing Cloud Costs and Business Goals with FinOps

FinOps is a continuous, iterative journey that traditional enterprises and cloud-native organizations embark on as they continue to adopt the cloud. Built around six principles, FinOps practices help deliver significant value balancing tech- led and process -led transformation while managing and optimizing cost that support your organizations, security, efficiency, and growth.

FinOps Lifecycle

A cloud cost management approach based on FinOps principles helps bring together financial, technical and business functions to create a cost-conscious culture for cloud cost optimization. When used correctly, organizations cycle through these three phases constantly, achieving higher and higher levels of success.

  • Inform

    This gives you the visibility for allocation and for creating shared accountability by showing teams what they’re spending and why. This phase enables individuals who can now see the impact of their actions on the bill.

  • Optimize

    This phase empowers your teams to identify and measure efficiency optimizations, like rightsizing, storage access frequency, or improving reserved instance coverage. Goals are set upon the optimizations identified which align with each team’s area of focus.

  • Operate

    This phase defines processes which enable the goals of Technology, Finance and Business to be achieved. Automation can be deployed to enable these processes to be performed in a reliable and repeatable manner.


Monitor, Manage and Reduce AWS Cost with FinOps


Adex simplifies the financial complexity of cloud adoption and relieves high-demand staff from cost management operations. Our approach exceeds competitive offerings by combining deep expertise in cloud architecture, a customizable cost savings dashboard and sophisticated Financial Operations (FinOps) to deliver dramatically more savings than traditional AWS savings plans.


Real-Time Reporting and Visibility


Improving Collaboration and Efficiency Between Teams


Optimized Cloud Spend


Budget Predictability and Accurate Forecasting

Maximize the Business Value with ADEX


Compliant Cloud Services Company


Grow Cloud Services Profitably


Govern Performance of Cloud Assets in Use

Leading Companies Trust us for AWS Expertise








AWS Cost Saved


Servers Manaed


Faster Time to Market

Accreditation and Competencies

What Our Clients Say

I recommend Adex as a reliable and full-scale AWS cloud consulting partner for their technical capabilities and support delivery. We engaged with Adex in the capacity of Cloud Consulting for Sparrow SMS. We re-architected the cloud infrastructure and achieved significant API performance improvement even while reducing 30% on our AWS biils.

Dhurba Adhikari, CTO of Janaki Tech
Dhruba Adhikari CTO | Janaki Tech

We've been able to save 25-30% on our Cloud costs with Infrastructure & cost-optimization support from Adex. We were facing challenges with our data lakes that were growing 40-50% annually. We needed a better organization of cold, warm & hot data. Adex helped us with a tool and technical expertise that quickly enabled us to evaluate the S3 data access pattern and overall infrastructure utilization. The greatest strength of Adex is that they are very much aligned with our business goals & work with us as a team to help achieve them.

Ratna Bikram Adhikari
Ratna Bikram Adhikari Head of Engineering | Evolve

We have achieved significant cost savings on our AWS usage with Adex. The math is simple, what you see is what you pay, no hidden charges. Flexible support, cost benefits and competent team are the strongest points of Adex in AWS Service Delivery which we definitely commend Adex for.

Niran Maharjan
Niran Maharjan IT Lead | Upaya

We have reduced our AWS costs by 20% with Adex. In contrast to other service providers, Adex provides us excellent support along with access to its usage and monitoring tools that allows us to ensure the optimum utilization of our resources and reduce costs.

Prajesh Bastola
Prajesh Bastola Director of Operations | Rigo Technologies

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